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The 31st Christian Home Educators Convention

Workshop Descriptions and Syllabus Pages

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When Is Enough Enough?
Steve and Annette Economides
When is Enough, Enough? (Keynote Session) Is the culture defining your family—where you live, what you drive, and which activities you choose? There are four areas of your life where you can start taking control right now to rise above the cultural pressures and enjoy a vibrant family life full of the things you need and the relationships you desire.


The Four Language Arts
Andrew Pudewa
When asked, “What are the language arts?” people may respond by listing numerous subjects: spelling, phonics, grammar, penmanship, copying, dictation, narration, and composition. But actually it’s much simpler. For those adhering to the classical model, those ascribing to a Charlotte Mason approach, or those who just want a common-sense curriculum, there are really only four core language arts: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and attending well to the first two makes teaching the latter two so much easier. Come prepared to have your educational paradigm adjusted, your load lightened, and your commitment to excellence renewed as you focus on the most important things in the limited time you have.

SyllabusCollege, Knowledge & Finances
Steve and Annette Economides
Steve and Annette raised five kids, and all of them have gone to college without student loans or massive tax-sheltered savings accounts. In this presentation Steve and Annette share the multiple strategies they've given their kids to achieve excellent grades and great test scores, and to land huge scholarship awards and grants. These are tried and true methods for getting an excellent education and staying out of debt—all taken from their book, The MoneySmart Family System: Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.

The Future of Homeschooling and the Common Core
J. Michael Smith
Perhaps the hottest topic in homeschooling today is “What about Common Core?” Is this really going impact me as a homeschool parent? What does the future of homeschooling in California look like because of the Common Core standards in California? What does Common Core actually do? What are the chief objections from a homeschool perspective? Michael Smith, president of HSLDA, will answer these questions. Everyone needs to clearly understand what Common Core will do in California and the rest of the nation in order to be able to reverse its grip. When you leave this workshop you will be an expert on Common Core.

SyllabusTeaching History Through the Eyes of God
Roger Wheelock
History is literally HIS-Story. History is a diary of God’s intimate dealings with His people since the first recorded moment in time. He did not stop writing history with the completion of the Bible. He still uses ordinary people like us to accomplish extraordinary purposes. However, we must remember that “those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.”

SyllabusTeaching Approaches and Methods Part 1
Penny Ross
Homeschooling has its own vocabulary. Terms like worktext and real books confuse many people. And, just who is Charlotte Mason? This workshop will begin our study (Part 1 of 2) of common approaches to teaching at home: textbooks, literature-based learning, classical or Great Books, unit studies, principle approach, multi-media, unschooling, eclectic, and more.

Teaching Biology from a Creation Model
Dr. Joseph Francis
Biological science is often taught in a dry and boring manner. Most teachers and authors of biology textbooks have been trained to teach biology in a "reductionistic" manner, starting with the small atoms and molecules of life. These concepts are often very foreign to young students and also very complicated. After 22 years of teaching introductory biology to school children and college level students, I have changed my teaching style dramatically to use methods that teach about the grandeur of God's creation. Although many important chemical and physical processes must be included in biology courses, they do not need to be the focus. In contrast, God made a biological creation full of beauty and grandeur that students can experience.

Keeping First Things First
Rebecca Kocsis
Homeschoolers are the busiest people I know. With so many good opportunities to take advantage of, it's easy to get sidetracked. When you do, you find yourself expending precious time and energy on the wrong things. Your sense of purpose wanes, your passion fades, and your pursuit of excellence is compromised. Learn practical ways to keep your priorities in order.

Why Parents Need to Teach Their Children About American Government
Dr. Frank Guliuzza
We are constantly reminded how Americans are falling behind in our knowledge of science and math. While that's certainly true, the same can be said for our knowledge, generally, of history, politics, and government, and specifically in our knowledge of the United States Constitution. This workshop will focus on what one might include in a course in American Government/Politics—everything from the ideas and concepts that came to be included in the Constitution, the various institutions of American government, political behavior, and basic constitutional rights and liberties. The workshop is taught by a recognized expert in American government who has been teaching American politics successfully for more than 20 years.

Teaching Reading & Phonics
Toni Muus
Even if you are a trained professional, teaching your own child to read can have its highs and lows. And even if you think you are untrained and unprofessional, yes, you, too, can successfully teach your child to read. There are few things in life as rewarding as knowing that you taught your own child to read.

How to Set Up a Multi-Sensory Learning Environment
Marian Soderholm
This is a dynamic workshop, offering brain wiring information, resources, and the hands- on opportunity to design a multi-sensory learning program suited just for your own students—the best answer to the challenges of schooling any student.

SyllabusHomemaking for the Domestically Challenged
Angela Mills
Are you domestically challenged? It’s hard enough to keep a house without adding homeschool into the mix. Find ideas and encouragement from a recovering slob. I’ll offer ready-to-use hints for meal planning, housekeeping, hospitality, time management, and more. You’ll take home tips and templates to make your own home-management notebook, too.

SyllabusBuilding Strong Families through Christian Homeschooling
Kerry Byers
Come learn ideas, principles and more to build a strong family through private Christian homeschooling. After 25 years of doing just that, I am convinced now, more than ever before, it is God’s best way. I have graduated four children through high school and I still have one more to go.


SyllabusThe Power of Homeschool Research
Dr. Brian Ray
Dr. Ray provides a brief summary of homeschool research to date and explains current projects and trends. He explains that scholarly writing and research are powerful tools used by both friends and foes of parent-led education, that they should be guided by clear goals and theory that are based on sound values, and suggests where they should be headed.

Raising Kids for the Real World
Steve and Annette Economides
“Book Smart” kids may do well in school, but who will prepare them for the realities of life? Becoming “life smart” is critical for real-world success. Steve and Annette have been teaching life skills to children since 1995 in the areas of personal responsibility, organization, personal appearance, attitude, and work ethic. You can create an atmosphere of learning where everyday experiences are the vehicle to develop children into adults who excel in every area of life.

5 Ways to Make Money in the New Online Economy
Gerald McKoy
Unless you are a homeschool family that has found a way to live entirely off the grid, you probably need some sort of steady income to survive. The traditional homeschool family usually lives off one income provided by the husband. However with times continuing to get tougher, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the family to survive off one income. However, a few souls have found ways to make money within the comfort of their own home. With the Internet, a new online economy has sprouted which offers an ever-changing arena for opportunity. Some people looking to earn extra money are finding ways to do so, and so can you.

SyllabusReaching the Reluctant Writer
Andrew Pudewa
Many children really do not like to write. Why? This workshop will answer that basic question and teach a specific and successful method of separating the complex process of writing into the smallest possible steps, making it possible for even the most reluctant writer to produce short but complete compositions. He will be proud and motivated to write again. If you remove the problem of what to write, you will be free to help your child learn how to write, using source texts, key word outlines, and “dress-up” checklists. Results guaranteed.

SyllabusTeaching Approaches and Methods Part 2
Penny Ross
Overwhelmed and confused by the variety and sheer number of teaching resources available to home educators? This workshop will continue our study (Part 2 of 2) of the most common teaching approaches and methods while helping you narrow your shopping list as you consider the needs of your family for this particular year.

SyllabusScience Foundation
Susan Stewart
The author of Science in the Kitchen presents how to incorporate science into everyday life for little ones, how to include younger children in the science experiences of older children, and how to build a foundation for later lab sciences. Susan illustrates her workshop with examples from her children and grandchildren.

SyllabusTime Management for Parents & Teens
Julie Walker
Time management is simple: Complete tasks efficiently and before their deadline while not putting undue stress on yourself and those around you. So why is it we find time management problematic? Show up (on time, please) and learn not just why you may suffer from the time-crisis crunch, but more importantly, what you can do about it.

SyllabusHow to Determine Your Child's Learning Styles
Martin Forte
Explore the various learning styles and how they really affect your child’s ability to master subject matter. We will investigate the five essential aspects of learning styles including dispositions, talents, modalities, interests, and environment. Based on the research and teachings of the Learning Success Institute of Ventura, CA and the book How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Styles by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Hodson, this workshop will give you tools to enhance both learning and retention for all your children. With a deeper understanding of your child’s unique, God-given learning style, you can have a more successful teaching experience and save hundreds of dollars on wrong curriculum choices.

Preschool at Home
Roslyn Ballard
This workshop is for parents of young children who are seeking information about how to homeschool. The session will offer a practical approach to evaluating the needs of your preschooler and applicable ideas of how to accomplish your goals through priorities.

SyllabusHomeschooling Kids on the Aspergers/Autism Spectrum
Marian Soderholm
As a successful adult who grew up as an ADD/Aspergers child, Marian has learned firsthand what works with those students dealing with some type of learning issue. She will paint you a clear picture of what your children are experiencing while working to understand their studies. Further, she will discuss successful homeschooling strategies for both parent and child.

SyllabusBuild a Solid Math Foundation
Kristi Eskelund
The foundation of mathematics is patterns and relationships. Build on your children’s natural ability to visualize. Enhance their learning by using guided discovery. Help them master the facts and solve problems while understanding concepts and the relationships. All these are essential for building a strong foundation.

Why Mock Trial for High School?
Sarah Winkle
Mock trial is a unique academic program that is particularly suited to homeschooled students and families. This session will introduce participants to mock trial, explain the benefits and challenges of participation, and explain how to begin a mock trial team.


SyllabusTeaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day
Andrew Pudewa
Children like to do what they can do, they want to do what they think they can do, and they hate to do what they think they cannot do. If you want excited and enthusiastic children who learn well, you must understand these key laws of motivation, and focus on the essential requirement of relevancy. If it matters, children will learn it, and if it doesn’t, they won’t. This session will enlighten you with specific ways to find and create relevancy for children, even when they have no apparent interest.

SyllabusWhen a Free Lunch Isn't a Free Lunch
Dr. Brian Ray
“Hi, we are the local government school district and we are here to help you, to give you a free education for your children at home.” Does this comfort you or does it send shivers up your spine with visions of Big Brother? It is of paramount importance to consider who should be in authority over what is taught to the minds and hearts of children. Both the concept of a democratic republic such as the United States and a Judeo-Christian worldview demand that parents and private, thoughtfully-chosen associations be the only educators. Dr. Ray will challenge you to think through this issue. He’ll provide you with information and insight that will help you promote the concept of liberty and biblical thinking by way of separating the government from education.

SyllabusMaking History Exciting & Applicable to Your Child
Roger Wheelock
As we obey God’s command to teach the children and not forget His great works, God will continue to perform miracles in our lives and in our nation, just as He has throughout all of history. History is full of God’s great workings through simple, obedient people; and studying those lives and events provides inspiration for us all.

Dyslexia and Reading Problems
Dr. Anita Miller
This course will discuss signs that can cause reading difficulties or lead to reading difficulties. It will also discuss signs of dyslexia. Discussion of solutions to helping with reading problems will be addressed.

SyllabusYou CAN Teach Preschool
Penny Ross
Of course you want to prepare your children for a successful education. However, do you see the irony in stay-at-home moms sending their little ones “out” to preschool? Learn how easily the all-important academic readiness skills can be taught within the realm of real-life experiences at home.

SyllabusMaking Curriculum Choices
Chuck and Pam Geib
There are fundamental ideas behind what makes a curriculum suitable for our child. Knowing the ideas before hitting the Internet or Exhibit Hall when wishing to make purchases will help us to be good stewards of our time and resources. Questions to consider: How does this curriculum meet our educational philosophy? Will this curriculum advance our student’s interests? Is this curriculum user friendly? Will it work with an only child and/or with a large family? Where do I find curriculum? How do I know what is age appropriate? How will this curriculum help me to disciple my child?

SyllabusRediscovering Literature: Finding the Truth in Story
Cheryl Nesbitt
Does the thought of teaching literature make you nervous? Was the last time you analyzed a novel in high school? Do you find yourself relying on textbook anthologies and excerpts from great literature instead of teaching whole books? No more. In this workshop, rediscover the foundational principles of literary criticism and learn a simple method that will allow you and your student to experience the joy of literature together.

SyllabusNot Necessarily College Bound
Tim Walborn
Does everyone need to go to college? How do we direct our children toward what is best for them and help them make the right choices relating to building their career after high school? This workshop will discuss career assessments, alternatives to college, and the current state of higher education.

The In & Out Impact of Speech & Debate
Craig Smith
Discover how and why competitive speech and debate expands your homeschooling experience to levels beyond what you thought were possible when you began teaching at home. The world is in dire need of the Gospel message, just as we are. Learn how training our children in communication impacts themselves as well as others.

SyllabusA Wife to Come Home To
Angela Mills
Do you need to get refreshed and encouraged to be the wife your husband can’t wait to get home to? Take the plunge with 30 days of challenges to bless your husband and leave with ideas you can start using on the way home.

SyllabusWhy Teach Foreign Language?
Marie Stout
There are three reasons to learn a foreign language: business, ministry, or 10 units. How easy it is to excel in one, while earning the other. Additionally, help your child develop a worldview including serving other people. Teach them a foreign language. Start them young and keep it fun.

Can Mom and Dad Really "Teach" Story Problems?
Thomas Clark
In this entertaining and instructional workshop with Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of Algebra: A Complete Course, and Geometry: A Complete Course, you will develop, and learn how to use, the five analysis questions that must be asked to solve all story problems, whether in simple arithmetic or in Algebra. The correct answers to these questions are guaranteed to lead students to the relation (equation or inequality) they must solve in order to find the answer to the problem.



Defending Your Right to Privacy in Your Home
J. Michael Smith
We hear about the government intruding more into the lives of its citizens, even to the extent of monitoring our cell phones. The president of HSLDA, longtime defender of freedom, will share with you what your rights are according to the Constitution and how you can use these rights. Your right to privacy is guaranteed by law, but how to assert that right can be tricky at times. This workshop will focus on types of contacts with government officials which bring into play your right to privacy and explain how to react in those situations. This information is essential in the present environment where the government attempts to expand its authority over our lives through surveillance and investigations.

Home School Sports
Jeff Paterson, Les W. Rood, Scott Brummett
This presentation will include ways to have your kids participate in sports in a homeschool setting. We will share how thousands of home educators have been able to have a homeschool curriculum of sports competition and physical education for their children. We will share ideas on how to start a homeschool sports team, how to develop a sports program, and how to find other competitive homeschool teams to compete against. Lastly, the workshop will focus on the importance of physical education and sports in our culture and how it pertains to regular life situations with an emphasis on how we can learn lifelong lessons in our Christian lives through athletics.

SyllabusPreschool at What Cost?
Susan Stewart
Research done in the last 10 years show that children NEED early formal academics. Or, does it? Pressure has been mounting on parents to have some type of formal preschool program to prepare their children for learning. Susan, author of Preschool: At What Cost? presents the findings of studies and reports that haven’t made the headlines. She will present information to put your mind at ease about formal preschool academics.

SyllabusThe Gift of ADD
Marian Soderholm
What do Walt Disney, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Elvis Presley have in common? They shared the gift of ADD wiring, and learned how to use it to create places and ideas and to enrich our world. They thought '”out of the box.” This type of brain wiring includes those who run countries and corporations and oversee large endeavors that those of lesser farsightedness cannot. Learn more about how to work with this wiring in homeschooling.

8 Intelligences
Natalie Lyons
Some of the challenges of teaching can be alleviated by knowing how your child is smart. More than just figuring out their good and bad subjects, it’s about finding their strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas. Explore the different ways your student and you are intelligent, and see how this knowledge can help you best reach your child.

Teaching Tough Minded, Tender Heart Youth for Christ
John Helriegel, Jr.
All parents desire their children be tough-minded when it comes to the culture around them. However, that does not come by accident; it takes training. This workshop will discuss the importance of biblical worldview training and apologetics for even the very young. You will learn specific ways to incorporate apologetics and biblical worldview thinking seamlessly into your home education day.

SyllabusRecordkeeping & Lesson Planning
Penny Ross
You are the professional educator in your child’s life. This workshop will cover the records you should keep for your family files, for your school or support group, and for the State of California. We’ll discuss keeping them in a professional manner (either manually or electronically) while devoting a minimum amount of time to the task.

SyllabusCritical Thinking in Mathematics
Kristi Eskelund
We want our children to become critical thinkers. Teach mathematics so that you emphasize thinking, not just memorizing. Help your child’s brain develop real analytical, problem-solving skills. Understand the teacher's role of asking questions, encouraging the child toward deeper thinking.

SyllabusBuilding a Unique Family Legacy through Literature
David and Shirley Quine
The wide world of literature is just waiting for your family to explore new places, times in history, and cultures. Which books you choose for your family will play an important role in the development of your unique family culture. David and Shirley will share from their years of homeschooling experience how to find excellent selections for children of all ages. They will also give a peek into their unique "Quine Family culture."

SyllabusArt in Black and White
Pat Knepley
Pat, Master Artist for See The Light (Art Class and Art Projects DVDs) will share a lesson with home educators about the important art element of value, (the dark and light of a work of art) and how value is used to achieve realism in making a flat drawing look three dimensional. How to appropriately use the element of value is a key skill for improving drawing. This workshop will include the actual drawing lesson (Yes, home educators can draw too) and tips for how to share with students of any age at home.

SyllabusStudy Skill Strategies for Teens
Julie Walker
You know your teens should be pursuing excellence in their studies. How do you keep them motivated to pursue excellence when even some of their homeschooled peers have slipped into settling for mediocrity? Learn how you can aid them in achieving success—perhaps in ways you would not expect.

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