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Teen Convention
Sponsored by Providence Christian College (Ages 12 - 18)

YOU and the VIEW

Being Christians in a Non-Christian Culture

Being a follower of Jesus in our culture today is a high-risk adventure. The challenge teens are facing is living as Christians in a non-Christian culture. Ideas from the post-modern and the New Age worldviews are being assimilated into the heart, mind, and soul of many Christian young people. The result is a new view of truth and a new view of morality.

Truth is no longer believed to apply to all people in all places throughout all time. Morality is no longer understood to be absolute.

What is your view? What is the view of your closest friends? How about your social media friends?

Be one of the first 200 teens to register and get a free pair of You and the View sunglasses. The Teen Convention is sponsored by Providence Christian College of Pasadena.

Teen Convention Schedule


Session 1 The Message, the Marketplace and the Mob - David Quine
Paul created a stir in the marketplace in a city much like New York City by giving a message that proclaimed Jesus as risen from the dead. While some were convinced and believed, others formed a mob to shut him up. Learning what gave Paul the courage to speak out under such circumstances will give us courage to live as Christians in the post-Christian culture in which we live.

Session 2 You and the Pop Culture - Zach Scheller
What is pop culture and how can you live in it? It is all the ideas, perspectives, attitudes, and images that fill our culture. This collection of ideas permeates our everyday lives and is heavily influenced by cinema and music. Most people are concerned about WHAT you watch or listen to; however, a greater concern is HOW you view it.

Session 3 You and the Truth - Peter Fendrich
What is the purpose of learning and the goal of education? Some will say that it is the way to get a good job. Others will argue that they study to help them make a high score on the SAT or ACT. There must be something more than this! Isn’t there another view?


Session 4 You and Meaning - Mike Fendrich
An umpire calls a strike, but the ball is clearly outside the strike zone. How is it possible? The crowd lets out a roar of boos! It’s not fair! What gives him the right to make that call? Is it possible to know for certain? Are we living in a virtual world--a world of illusion, or one that is real? Can we really know? Are all views really about the same or does one view stand out above the others?

Session 5 You and the Non-Christian - Caleb Fendrich
Is it possible to maintain a friendship and talk with your non-Christian friends about your view? How do you interact with them? When your view is not the same as those around you, what are you to do? How do I keep a normal dialogue from turning into a hot debate?

Session 6 Our Final Challenge: The Courage of Your Convictions - David Quine
Turning the world upside down by taking the message of Christ into the marketplace of your social circles is the challenge of the Great Commission. Your ability to stand firm against the mob will depend upon YOU and YOUR VIEW!

The YOU and the View Team

YOU and the VIEW is designed to empower teens to live the courage of Christian convictions as you live in your non-Christian social circles. YOU and the VIEW is led by a team of vibrant young Christian professionals who are homeschool graduates as well as mature homeschool worldview educators.

Zach Scheller, 28, is the customer service representative at Escalade Sports and director at Zach Scheller’s Freelance Video Production. He was home schooled K-12 in Mount Vernon, Indiana. He is a graduate of Bryan College in the area of communications. He is married to Ashley Mae. His passion is communicating the impact cinema is having on pop culture and the implications for 21st-century evangelical Christians.

Peter Fendrich, 31, is the eldest of six children, originally hailing from southwest Indiana. After graduating from a primary education at home, he attended Patrick Henry College, studying education and philosophy. He later transferred to Bryan College to acquire teaching licensure. While living in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife, Sarah, Peter also became involved with TeenWork, and was recognized by the city for his involvement with the youth of TC Williams high school. Currently, they have founded a student enrichment program for scholars attending Liberty University.

Mike Fendrich is the father of six homeschool graduates. He is passionate for the next generation to consider the impact of Christianity and Christ’s lordship over all areas of life in a culture that is increasingly hostile to our most basic beliefs. He has been treasurer/controller for an outdoor power equipment distribution company in the Midwest for the past 26 years.

Caleb Fendrich, 30, is the director of admissions at Oakland City University, a Christian liberal arts college in Southern Indiana. He was home schooled K-12 and went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree in communications from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Caleb has always studied under worldview-oriented curriculum and has a deeply held conviction about applying worldview thinking in all facets of everyday life. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Evansville, Indiana.

David and Shirley Quine, parents of nine children, began homeschooling in 1980. David is the author of many popular homeschool resources as well as Let Us Highly Resolve. The focus of the Quines' writing and speaking is to equip the next generation to stand upon the biblical worldview.

Teen Convention Information

Only teens (12-18) registered for the Teen Convention are permitted in the teen workshops. At other times of the day, teens may attend Keynote sessions and visit the Exhibit Hall. CHEA will provide volunteer adult chaperones for the Teen Convention; however parents are responsible for their teen’s safety and behavior during the Convention. We recommend that parents and teens read over the Convention materials together, select workshops, and arrange meeting times and locations. In consideration of all in attendance we request teens follow these basic guidelines:

  • Wear modest, casual clothing.
  • Remain seated during the sessions.
  • Do not loiter outside the rooms during sessions.
  • Be attentive to the speaker.
  • Turn off cell phones.
  • No texting during sessions.

To help your teens have the best experience:

  • Review your program schedule with your teen so you can be found if needed.
  • Have lunch together.
  • Arrange to meet with your teen often during the day.

Teens will wear one color wristband for Friday and another color for Saturday; the wristbands will be included in the parents' packet at check-in.

No medical release is needed for Teens attending the Teen Convention.
Visit our registration page soon for costs.


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